Barthelemy Grossman


Barthélémy Grossmann was born in Geneva in 1981. Self-taught, he left school at the age of 15 to go to Paris, with the aim of making films. Working today between Los Angeles, Paris and Geneva as screenwriter, director and actor, his work in art is a continuation of his cinematographic work which reflects the themes which obsess him, social rise, money, success and the price to pay to achieve his dreams. He exhibits his pictorial works imbued with his experiences, his reflection in the face of today’s world. He chose color for the backdrop and a particular, sometimes thick line to express himself and transcribe his emotions. For Barthélémy Grossmann, painting is a real work of writing. The guiding line of his work revolves around the capitalist world. He constantly wonders about society, how to lead a good life, about success and happiness or about success, the American dream, in this corrupt world. So many questions torment him. Art is an outlet

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